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Listen to the wit and wisdom of your industry peers from the comfort of your couch, cubicle or car! Learn the answers these questions and SO MUCH MORE:

  • What is your #1 time-saving hack at work? What is something you do to save time/save steps/to be more efficient at your job?
  • What stats do you track for your job and how do you track them?
  • What keeps you going during a slow market/tough day/difficult customer interaction?
  • What does a slam dunk day look like for you?
  • What is the biggest challenge you have with your role right now in sales/marketing and how are you going to overcome it?
  • What’s been your biggest professional failure and what did you learn from it?
  • What is one thing builder’s need to do differently/start doing/stop doing to improve the customer experience?
  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you work (onsite selling in a model home or in the office)?
  • If you had a $20,000 budget to spend any way you like (related to your job, not shoe shopping LOL), how would you spend it and why?
Home Builder Growth Summit

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Home Builder Growth Summit - November 10, 2020


Whether you are a rookie just starting your career in the home building industry, or you are an industry veteran with years of experience under your belt, the Home Builder Summit Digital Vault is overflowing with the wisdom and experience that will help you grow and add that extra zero on your income.

John Christy

Lennar Homes
Power 15 Interview, John Christy, Lennar Homes, Attitude, Success, Habits, Sales Manager, New Home Sales, Sales Leader, Leadership

Ryan Kays

LifeStyle Home Builders
Power 15 Interview, Online Sales Counselor, Ryan Kays, LifeStyle Home Builders, Technology, Innovation, Lead Management, Follow Up, Marketing

Chris Kohatsu

Neal Communities
Power 15 Interview, Chris Kohatsu, Neal Communities, Digital Marketing, Online Sales Counselor, Attitude, Success

Evie Tavarez

Blackburn Homes
Power 15 Interview, Evie Tavarez, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Buyer Profile, Audience Targeting

Tina Boch & Bobbie Smith

Landon Homes
Power 15 Interview, Tina Boch, Bobbie Smith, Marketing Management, CRM, Online Sales Counselor, Google Analytics, New Home Sales

Esai Williams

Mattamy Homes
Power 15 Interview, Esai Williams, New Home Sales, Onsite Agent, Mattamy Homes, Apps, Time Management

Graig Lee

Toll Brothers
Power 15 Interview, Graig Lee, New Home Sales, Onsite Agent, Toll Brothers, Sales Management, Leadership, Team Building, Sales Coaching

Louis Sorrell

M/I Homes
Power 15 Interview, Louis Sorrell, New Home Sales, Onsite Agent, M/I Homes, Mentorship, Overcoming Adversity, Attitude, Customer Experience

Miles Kohan

Milestone Builder Group
Power 15 Interview, Miles Kohan, Home Builder, Owner, Leadership, Data, Metrics, New Home Sales, Exceptionalism

Cori Masters

Beacon Homes
Power 15 Power 15 Interview, Cori Masters, Online Sales Counselor, Digital Marketing, New Home Sales, Follow-Up, Customer Experience, Passion

Megan Eltringham

The New Home Company
Power 15 Interview, Megan Eltringham, Marketing, VP, Customer Experience, Company Culture, Digital Marketing, Online Sales Counselor

Megan Carstensen

Derrick Custom Homes
Power 15 Interview, Megan Carstensen, New Home Sales, Onsite Agent, Habits, Customer Experience, Sales

Mike Davidson

Wonderland Homes
Power 15 Interview, Mike Davidson, Leadership, New Home Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Video Marketing, Company Culture

Katrina Watkins

Glenn Layton Homes
Power 15 Interview, Katrina Watkins, New Home Sales, Onsite Agent, Habits, Customer Experience, Sales, Life Long Learning

Jon Wardle

Brighton Homes
Power 15 Interview, Jon Wardle, Leadership, Developer, Master Plan Community, New Home Sales, Marketing, Life Long Learning , Book Recommendation
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